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February 19, 2006



Hi Tania,

I met you at the ice race - I am the one of the thrum mittens and the pointy knit hat! I have actually been reading your blog for some time, so it's pretty cool that we have common "bike crazy" friends. I love the crafts you blog about - I'm always so impressed. I also love your sidebar link to "Hel looks", since I love checking out the fashion of those crazy Finns!


It was great seeing you Saturday - lemme know what days you're downtown (or not, being in the same 'hood and all) - we can grab a coffee.


hi tania,
those felt balls will make an awsome necklace, promise to show it to us when it is done.

Amanda Woodward

I love your felt balls!!! haha. I've been trying to make some for a while now but it hasn't been working so hot, I think my water isn't warm enough.

I like your frost photos too, I posted some little frost photos this morning, frost is natures lace. I decided that this morning...


Those felted beads look great! I can't wait to see your new necklace.


Those bikers are crazy...biking on ice!


Lovely felt balls!! waiting to see your necklace!!


wow, the colours of those felty beads are so vivid! i love those colours together. can't wait to see the necklace!


i can already tell it's going to be a fabulous necklace!


How funny, at first I thought the felt balls were colourful cereal :)


hee hee cereal indeed.
thankyou all for your comments! :) i hadent looked in a whoole day- wow! a world record.


i want to go to the ice bike race!

where is this rink? can i come sometime? man i'm totally inviting myself along but that sounds SO AWESOME!


These felt balls are beautiful. I love the color!!

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