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February 03, 2006


holly Hatam

i just love your mittens! i think they would be a good item to sell in your shop! if you ever make anymore teardrop pillows, let me know...i would love to buy one! my greeting card company name is it would be so neat to have it displayed in my office!


Way to go girl. Html anything isn't that easy until you get it...I haven't yet :)

lisa s

yay! you got the book! and those forks are too cool for school! love them....

and those mittens. such a cute pink stripe!
bon weekend back!


I've always been too nervous to order through Amazon Jp. But it worked for you, I think I'll give it a try.


Wonderful mittens! I really like the pink stripe. I've also wanted to wear mittens but I've never lived anywhere cold enough.

Congratulations on your first Amazon jp purchase. But be careful, it can be so addicting.


i love writing HTML code on the mac... not. it's actually a problem with whatever software you're writing your HTML on: if you're writing in Word, or copying from it, that'll happen. to solve this, just go into the page manually and type all your quotation marks manually. that's probably why your links won't work. i'm using the mac text editor (the simple little thing...), and it usually works out. i used to be a webmaster (at least i'm trying the 'used to be'... freelancing as one is too tempting as a broke student), i can help if you need any specifics things.


My mum used to have those same forks when I was a kid. I used to "steal" them when she wasn't looking as they were the perfect size for my dolls!

I'm a web designer, so if you need help with your html, just let me know.

Great book!


The mittens look like your rain drop. Are there faces on them? They need faces.

Also, can you send me a link to get the forks? I need the forks!


ooh thanks for all these great comments- from lots of you I have never "met" before!
so nice to meet you-


The mittens are lovely! If you ever feel the nedd to try a different pattern I can write one up for you, the one my mother taught me with pointy (but flat) ends. :)


oh, you got the book! i'm so jealous. i'll bet it's 100% eye candy. yum.


happy weekend.
i tag you!
no pressure.

Amanda Woodward

yay for awesome mittens! I love mittens so much but I'm not sure I have the courage to knit them!!!!

andrea from the fishbowl

Hey tania -
if you email me your page I can check the code for you ...


I have wanted that book since seeing it on Lisa's blog. I think your mittens are pretty. Nipplyness, that's funny. My husband say's it's nipply outside isn't it? instead of nippy. He thinks he's a comedian. I'll have to show him your nipply mittens.

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