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February 07, 2006



glad it worked! html sometimes doesn't like the mac. but we know better. mac rocks!

holly Hatam

your skirt is so cute! bet you can't wait for summer! wish i could sew...that's one department i'm not crafty in!


You have a wicked sense of composition, i would consider your inspiration pages creative works for future endevours - I am certainly inspired! Love how they give a little peek into your personality (fashion, Bjork, punchy colour, asian inlfluences....)And the skirt is too cute - I also love the tights, i incessantly put striped tights on my daughter for my own satisfaction (and her warmth of course)


Nice job on the scrapbook mess and the great skirt! Sometimes things need a little tweeking to love them again. Scalloped edges is such a gret idea! I am working on my 4 things... :)


Oh such a nice skirt! Thanks for playing tag, I love that Pema Chodron Book too. I didn't know Housekeeping was a book, I will Have to read it, thanks.

lisa s

adorable skirt!!!

my link [and i think it's mine?] goes to ihuana :)
i'm honored to be on your list though!!


I have some cool stock photo books that would be great for collage or scrapbook projects but I don't really do either. If you (or another commenter) is interested, shoot me an email or blog comment and I'll mail along.


The skirt is so lovely! The scalloped edge with the floral peeking out is so wonderful.


Cute skirt! My sister made my niece a dress out of that same linen pattern, it must have been very popular back in the day.


i like all of those scraps.
they look mighty wonderful.

Sarah Jane

Love what you did with your skirt! My parents had that bed linen when I was growing up...I think we have a pillowcase or two somewhere in the linen cupboard.


that skirt is wonderful! the scalloped edge makes me happy. good idea to add the vintage bedsheet trim too. it must have been a supercute outfit with the stripey tights!


you're my idol for dealing with your scraps, i just keep hording--no gluing :) the skirt is so cheery, like you're walking through a garden!


Hey, thanks for the link!


Your new skirt looks so pretty. You're now ready for Spring!

Congratulations on getting your html to work, and thanks for adding me to the list. It's an honour.


i'm flattered beyond belief that i'm on your links list! (but for some reason there's a /:target= at the end of the address, so it doesn't lead to the real blog. picky, picky...)
i'm also glad to learn that i'm not the only paper addict out there. check out this online store: their imported papers are gorgeous-gorgeous-gorgeous!


hey thanks everyone!
so nice-


That skirt is darling!


me too x 1000000

andrea from the fishbowl

*hee hee*
I have that bedsheet. I bought it at Valvill. I was going to use it as a photography backdrop... hmmm...

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