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February 24, 2006



thank you tania!! i am loving making them which makes it even better.


Happy weekend to you, Tania! I hope all that is keeping you busy also returns to you with a few good feelings and happiness (house hunting! one of my favorite things to do!). =)


the wonders of the web indeed. i made some of my best friends via the net. not to mention how amazing it is to see other artists and their work, and inspiring! i still can't believe how much this artists/craftsters community got me back to crafting, and how much i enjoy it.
have a lovely and creative weekend, lady! ; )


You are so right! I've just found blogs (doesn't that sound like a convert?!)and they are AMAZING. We moved to a really remote part of Australia a year ago and I've really been missing the network of creative friends that helped keep me enthused and energetic about what I do. Now I've found a whole world of people like that online. I've just started my own blog.This is so much fun!


I love reading your blog. Recently I decided to jump in and start my own. What fun! You are totally right about how the internet connects people with the same matter where they live. It's a very non-discriminating instrument to allow people to get to know each other. It's so refreshing to not be judged by the clothes one wears, or the color of ones skin, or by how one lives or even where one lives. We are all just bloggers out there in the world. I love it.


Lovely post. The internet, used right, can be a very good thing.

Have a fun weekend!


you are such an inspiration! Your scrapbook pages are wonderful! i do the same thing....and it helps to have all the inspiration all in one place! i love it!
thanks so much!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Hello my lovely friend !! Just to say hello and wish you to have a nice and sweet sunday ! Your felt necklace is amazing !! I love it ! Big big hugs to you from my little country lost in Europe !!


all these nice comments!
you have amde my day brighter!


i concur! i always cite you as one of my inspirations for starting a blog:) i took a week of and in honesty got a bit lonely!


Awww, thank you for liking my bear : )
What a lovely post on blogging, yours was one of the very first inspirational blogs I discovered.
Keep up the great work.

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