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February 10, 2006



So much fun and goodness in crafting on the library stash and a fab new printer extraordinaire machine!

The best part of Valentine's Day is spending the time together, so I think it's super that you both took the day off. I suggest sleeping in, cuddling, having a lazy breakfast/brunch at your favorite little spot, and perhaps cooking dinner together, to be watched in front of the TV with a flick you both like. =)


Wow, that magazine sounds fun. I'll have to use your idea and suggest my library gets more craft books in general.

Don't worry too much about Valentine's Day. As Giao said, just take the time to enjoy each other's company.

My hubby doesn't particularly care for Valentine's day - too commercial for him - but he does love receiving his card(s), especially if they're homemade.

Hope that helps! :-)


sounds perfect you two!
just my speed.


i'm envious of people with all-in-ones...i don't have a real phone so i wouldn't be able to use one of the all :)

your valentine's day sounds like it'll be so fun and relaxing. eating, skating, thrifting?! sounds lovely. maybe you could have an arts/crafts hour where you make each other a valentine's card like (doilies, construction paper, glitter--all the stuff i remember from my childhood) :)


that's so funny you two went to the Japan Foundation. I honestly was going to go there tomorrow at lunch time. i had the same idea to look at their Japanese craft books. There is supposedly a selection at the Japanese Cultural Centre at Don Mills and Eglinton (far and awkward trip for me, but a possibility!)


xoxo valentines day is truly for bunnies. enjoy.

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