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February 26, 2006



too cute! such a swank assignment - i love the juxtaposition of your adorable chicky with the seriousness of the designer label list - good thinking holt's ad people!


Oh I'm sorry to hear you fell down the stairs! I hope your back is all right. And good luck with getting rid of moths - they are so disgusting (I had some in my yarn, I was put off knitting for months).


That is just too cute! I love the ad! I am glad to hear all of those mean things didn't get you down!


Congrats! Your chick is so adorable and perfect for the ad.

andrea from the fishbowl

You did that?! I saw this ad in Ottawa this weekend. That is sooooo cool!


Congrats. It's always to exciting to see your work in context. But pretty crazy, designer baby stuff.


So sorry to hear about the bad things in your weekend :-( But guess what, there's a brand new week starting! Best wishes for it :-)

And congrats on that little chick. It is adorable.


awww what a cute little chick!!!


The chick is great! Congrats.


ohmygoodness...i saw that on saturday morning and didn't even clue in that the chickie was "a tania"!! hee hee it's adorable though! congratulations on such a cool project. i sure hope your back is ok. falling down stairs makes most people cranky, y'know.


Sorry to hear about your multiple misfortunes :-( Very cute chick - and yes, people do buy this crazy stuff! I saw a very cute toddler outfit with a T-shirt, pinafore and capri pants, but nearly fainted at the price tag - $AUS1,600.

The really scary thing? I saw a little girl we knew wearing it! I told her mum I'd seen it in the shop and she said (very embarrassed) that it had been a gift from a doting aunt, who said she got it on sale so it wasn't so outrageously priced. Only $1,200. We figured for the handful of wears it got before the girl grew out of it, it was something like $200 an outing. Madness.


Congrats!! Love the chick; it's super cute : ) Hope your back is feeling alright ... take care and have an excellent week!


I heart the chick! I hadn't had time to read all of the weekend paper yet and it is sitting on my coffee table as I sit here typing to you but I will definitely keep an eye out for the ad. It is adorable. Boy, those people at Holt's are quite witty!


aw! thankyou all so much!
i must say I was proud and felt this job to be a little feather in my cap-
i was chuffed as they say!


i love your birdie doodle! congrats to seeing it in print...amy

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