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February 13, 2006



too cute!

Sarah Jane

ooooh that fleece looks good enough to eat!


really fabulous colours! you're going to have fun with that. ps. thanks so much for the hint about borrowing japanese craft books! i've never heard of that library but i'm giddy with excitement!

amanda woodward

gah! It looks like yummy braided bread minus the boring color & calories!!!


I would have had to buy the fleece too.
Just to stare at for a while.
....sssssoooooo prrreeetttttyyyyyy.....


great job on the quilting! such soothing colors. hey, i started playing around with some wool i bought a while back--neat! can't wait to see what you do with it.

mimi k

Wow, that fleece is beautiful! And, your book cover-um... I had those sheet when I was a kid!


Great cover and yummy fleece. If you want to see more Japan interiors check this link


i'm sure your gorgeous bookcovers would sell like hotcakes, that is wonderful!!!


that book cover is gorgeous!!!

Débora Figueiredo

The book cover is beautiful, I love the blue drops :)


:D thanks everyone! thats so nice!
and haha mimi, you had those sheets too!
have to check out that link lizette- i am savingit for when i need some good inspiration!


i love that book cover.


I just love that notebook cover. The collage effect you manage to get with fabric is really nifty. Would you ever feel generous enough to post a tutorial? ^^


wow, that journal cover is beautiful.
love it.


That book cover is so cute. And my mom totally has those sheets! I think she got them as a wedding gift (in 1970)...


oh, i love the book cover! i've got that same sheet fabric (loads of it -- it seems to thrive at the value village) and i might try my hand at quilting! yay!


haha! everyone had this sheet!
i am amazed how many of you like this!
i could do a tutorial, now i have to remember how i did it...
i am encouraged to try more likethis-
thankyou all so much!


That book cover is adorable! Yippee! Hurrah! Yay! You did a great job! xx pip

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