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March 01, 2006



Good luck with the house search -- we just put our very first offer ever in this weekend as well and are waiting to hear if they accepted it.

love your blog and your drawings... -emily


aw, i'm sorry to hear about the house. it's sad to get excited and nervous for nothing. i'm glad to hear you're looking at homes again. it's a bit of a rollercoaster but when it finally happens it's worth it!


I feel your house pain. We thought we'd never be able to buy in the part of Toronto we wanted -- prices are crazy and the ones that look reasonably priced end up in bidding wars. But stick in there -- after a year of craziness (though not a solid year, we took a break to have a baby!), we finally found something affordable, cute, and in the neighbourhood we wanted.

Good luck!


Oh boo! I hope you guys find another perfect match! xo


Sorry to hear about the house. Remember, though, what's meant for you won't go by you.



that sucks about the house. realtors can be so darn sneaky. i hate it when they use their job to gain for themselves. most just fix them up and turn around to sell as a profit. that's really crummy!


aw, thanks y'all!
yes, its true the right one will just be right.
i hope!!

lisa s

ooohhh sorry to hear about the house.... it happened to us too.... all i can say is... you get the right house when you do.... you know what i mean? looking back now i'm so happier w/ what we ended up with than the one we lost!!

love you and the waacom!


Sorry about the house : ( it totally sucks when something like this happens... another better house will come along ... you'll see : ) Hang in there!
Love the new piece ... such cheerful colours.
Take care!


yay! love it!


Oh Tania! We had the same thing happen to us with a house--bought right out from under us because we had no idea there were other contenders! Crazy housing market! I say, march forward! The right house will manifest herself just at the right moment. Monkey and I are in the finishing stages of a house we happened to fall for inadvertently! I'm sure the same will come soon for you two!! =)


P.S., I LOVE "Crumbs" as an exclamation. It's just perfect on so many levels!


I am impressed with your doodling I am still getting used to my wacom and can't say I can do much on the day thing. good luck with the house...used to in a long ago past life did real estate for a living...I know what its like and it sucks. But keep your chin up the dream home is just around the corner!

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