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March 07, 2006



hi tania, long time fan. :) i like your painting. did you do it in watercolor or on the computer? i also studied illustration and am always interested in other people's processes.


Continued good luck on your house hunt. You know, we ended up settling on something that we definitely will outgrow (no office space -- and I work at home -- no room for a second kid and as it is, we can't use the kitchen after the baby goes to bed), but it was all we could afford for now, so we've learned to love it. I think it's hard to find something that's immediately perfect in Toronto, but if you're persistent, you'll be able to find something that you'll make work for you.

Good luck again. And I'm glad you got through your day of missing. I almost lost my dad a little over five years ago -- he made it through, but I definitely felt my heart in my throat when I read your post yesterday.


Hugging the are so good at that.
I ate mini eggs today too, with tea. Bliss :)


well it is watercolor on paper and just scanned in.
small you say... eek, maybe we should go for the small one!
oh the decisions!!


Good luck with the hunt, I hope you can relax and enjoy the process. Nice art! My sister-in-law will probably lose her dad in the next couple of days. In our sadness for her I was also thinking of you. Peace.


Sorry about your loss of your dad, even thogh it was five years ago I can imagine how difficult it must be.

I love your hugged house illustration, with an H on. Your trees are so springy, makes me long for spring, not snow snow snow and cold. :-) It will be winter here for a couple of months still.

Take care, and good luck with the house hunt!


Your hugged-hospital illustration is wonderful! It's such a nice sentiment. I know your dad's anniversary was a few days ago, but I'm sending good thoughts your way (I'm a few days behind in my blog reading).


oh thank you - belated wishes are just as appreciated!


happy international woman day Tania :)


i love your illustrations and i also want to be muching on some mini eggs too! and i'm also sending along my heart-felt belated thoughts about your dad.

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