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March 13, 2006



thank you for all the nice comments, tania! and i love your drawing, sausages or no sausages! ; )


Okay, so I have a question. From one person who loves cute and adorable 'stuff' to another. What do you do with all of the stuff that you find, collect, make, is mailed to you etc? Are you storing stuff in boxes? Storage? Filing cabinets? Do you rotate the 'stuff' you display? This may sound like a ridiculous question but I am curious. I find myself wanting to have less 'stuff' around and so am very thoughtful before I add to my 'stuff' and it seems like I am always trying to simplify and get rid of things I can do without. Not sure where I heard this but there was this organizer lady who suggested if you are bringing something in move something out too so that you don't just accumulate. I'd be interested to know your thoughts. Thanks, Steph : )


Thanks for your personal reply Tania. I'll respond to your email tomorrow. Good night! : )


oh, so glad you liked everything!!

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