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April 18, 2006



that egg in the bread thing looks very interesting, i've never seen that before. maybe you're supposed to eat it together with the bread?

Rosa Pomar

Portuguese Easter Bread = Folar (foo-lah-r). I love it! And you're supposed to eat the hardboiled egg too :)



there's a passover tradition of roasting an egg that takes like all day (my husband does it for me so I don't know how long, etc...) but it's really delish! so the egg might be yummy...


hee! eggs seem to be big in traditions!
thanks rosa- i can now say " thanks for the folar" and impress my landlady-


folar ohhhh it's been ages since I last eat that :-( here in France I can't find it anymore...I love it with a good black coffee in the morning !!! uhhhmm !


you are so smart to get a head start on de-cluttering. i found packing wasn't as big a deal once a lot of stuff was thrown out or donated.


Okay, which Goodwill?


Oh the bread looks delicious. It must be a little sad to leave a lovely neighbour like her. What's the name of the flowers, by the way? They are so beautiful.


I had some folar on Sunday before I left Toronto. It is slightly sweet with a citrus like aroma. A bit like challah. I also like the flowers photo--poppies?


i love your pictures together. good luck with the packing/purging!


thanks ladies!! well the flowers, I just read about them in the paper...
i think they were called-
here it is-
ranunculus asiaticus!
they are so pretty-


Hey! I just saw the picture of the Easter portuguese folar and we also eat that in Spain! We only eat it in certain regions, live the east coast. Our tradition says to break the egg shell in the forehead of someone near you (speacially fun for kids, not so much for adults) and then we eat both things, it tastes good together. We call it MONA DE PASCUA. We also have the same thing but shaped like a lizard with the boiled egg inside the mouth, don't ask me why!

kelli ann

hi tania,

came across this post in a cooking blog and had one of those moments of bloggy serendipity that i love.

3 cheers for homemade bread!! i spend too much time on the internet!

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