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April 25, 2006



Eeep! How could I have been away for so long?! So much for me to catch up on here. Congrats on the new home (CONGRATS!!!) and sorry to hear of the layoff scare and I love the delightful find your discovered in one bite of ice cream. :)


I love ice cream face .... sooo cute! I also love the retouch article makes me feel a tiny bit better. Not a lot but a tiny bit *wink* Good luck with the packing and the moving!


ahahahaha, that is so cute!


aw thanks all!
giao so nice to hear from you !

yes, isnt that article crazy?? gosh, why do they bother? well, to sell sell, thats why ofcourse.


she was so much more pretty and real looking before

*shaking head*

sick stuff

jess hutch

Moving is stressful! Good luck with all of it. And have fun pressin' more buttons, I wear the ones I got from you all the time!


ewww, i've seen that creepy re-touching thing before and it's just as upsetting to see it again. apparently it's not good enough to be a freakishly beautiful model they need to be photoshopped to look skinnier and blonder???


oooh, the woes of moving...
boxes and boxes and seeing all your worldly possessions piled into one room. Its an odd thing. It is exciting, though, a new space, a new way to see what you have. Also a good time to do a purge of all the un-neccessities... you have lots of time!! Do not stress!



thanks karina- good advice!


the colour of the ice cream is fab - what flavour??


oh wow. the retouching article was way disturbing...i think she looked more human before the retouching. the after picture looked strangely alien...especially after seeing the changes done to her!

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