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April 21, 2006



:( i'm so sorry! it sounds like you have good perspective on it. i've been there, it is sad and sudden.


ah, the PMS strikes again. sorry about what you're going through. think good thoughts -- they will protect you like a shield against any gloom and doom. :)




oh man i love the dead dog cafe!

also? great shot and great metaphor, hope you feel better soon AND you don't get laid off ever!

lisa s

oh no.... hang in.... how sad. but the photo is lovely, and so is your sentiment


Gracie and Jasper! I am so glad I am not the only one who likes them. I was so pleased when I dicovered the Calgary library had some of the seasons on cd.

Do you ever wonder what the signs may be, and if you'll recognize them when they come?


I may sound a bit like the reverand Mother, but for every door that shuts a window opens. We have just gone through a huge cut at work. It wasn't fun at all. The people who had to go were upset but now that they have been "forced", they all have better places and believe it or not are happier.

I think the scariness is for those left behind. So, i feel your worry. Hey, get your brother to take you out for a nice dinnner :) I hear he'll be in town soon


Love the dead dog cafe. I used to listen to them all the time...and I'm glad to hear them back on the air.


i've been through cuts at work too 2 years ago, and all this happened when i was just arrived in the company...people were fired all around me, and i kept feeling sad for them, worried about myself too and guilty for the fact that i was one of the "last standing"....
but it's true...the ones who were forcet to go away all find new, and better workplaces... so...try to not worry and keep on smiling...and having good teas...
and...hey, your pic is beautiful, really!!!


aw thanks everyone!
that is a good way of looking at it- it is true a bad thing can often be a blessing in disguise...


i was so sad to hear about the cuts on friday! isn't there a new boss-man at the cbc? i hope this isn't an indication of more to come. i get so scared when people start messing around with my beloved "ceeb".


hey I love Dead Dog Cafe too! Actually you know that already! The layoffs totally rot my socks too. And all those tv shows that got cancelled awhile ago.

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