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May 25, 2006



oh WOW, those are so gorgeous. Mmmmmmm lovely.


They are gorgeous indeed. Lovely work. I have some yarn like that in that same color and never knew what to do with it. Now I know!


very nice armwarmers. they worked out very well with the cashmere.

the aran cashmere is quite lovely. a little birdy says that there might be a sweater pattern up for this yarn in the near future!


Girl! These are beautiful! I bet these would be a hot seller if someone made up a bunch! : ) OH - and that ring on your left hand there -congratulations! I don't think I've passed that on yet - I heard from Mar a while back.


So pretty! Knitted lace always looks so mysterious and difficult.


aw thanks everyone!
hee hee

Sarah Jane

So lovely! Pretty colour, pretty pattern..and you could be a hand model! I think I might have some of that cashmere in my stash. I've hoarded it long enough, thank you for the inspiration.


Oh yes.. don't you love making things for opposite seasons? ;) Actually, it makes them twice as exciting, because the anticipation builds up until you finally wear them and it's so exciting!

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