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June 09, 2006


Sarah Jane

That's one healthy cat your neighbours have & one healthy looking garden. What fun you are going to have in your new studio! Lots to look at. Speaking of dessert, I highly recommend any of the Daim stuff at Ikea (the mini Daim bars are like mini Skor bars & are especially dangerous because of their size,I always over consume)


I like this picture. So English. Greenery amongst the brickwork. I envy you a studio!


Yeah for new studios!! Warmest Well Wishes!


Love your neighbourhood! Your neighbour has a BIG veggie garden & grapes! I wonder if they make wine? Your tiny backgarden will make a good vegie patch. The mint may be hard to control it becomes a bit of a rebel unless contained. If the dirt is directly on the cement you may just want to get rid of it and begin again as the mint roots will be throughout the earth and it will choke out any new plants. (save a piece of the mint and plant it in a pot) You can also plant big pots with flowers to place around the fence for colour. As a new home owner I learned the sad truth that 90% of our $$$ gets spent on the boring bits and 10% is spent on the fun stuff. Tho' the best part is that it is all your home and will be lovely when it is done.
I adore Donna Hay's cookbooks & her magazine the photos are amazing.


If the universe is telling you to eat more dessert, then I would surely listen.


looks incredible, Tania! how exciting! congradulations.


ohhhh lovely lovely lovely

i can't wait for the housewarming so i can see it.

*hee* look at me all assuming i'm invited!


Lucky girl getting a great studio. I need one. I am just spread messily all over the house. Don't have a great view like this, though.
Love your blog!


Oooh, pictures!!! What a great view from your will get 'crafty' in there for sure. The neighbors have such a tidy immaculate garden. Something to strive for :)
and desserts is stressed spelled backwards???? Why didn't I know that? You full of valuable info, my friend :) yes, we all need to eat more sweets :)


awww! i love checking in on a monday morning and seeing all this niceness-
amazing to feel like you are all my good friends-
i LOVE all the advice!


yippie for new studio rooms!

Tania Ho

a new studio ? great, maybe you could give me a few ideas :-) we're painting our walls tomorrow !


my name's tania , and i live in france i want to speak whith you if it's possible i 've 14 years











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