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June 07, 2006


lisa s

DEFINITELY a good sign.... don't stress about the $$ - it's all about the house!


Good neighbors are the most wonderful thing in the world.


Lovely to have nice neighbours. Your doily was most likey made to be used as a jug cover. Like the ones shown here.


it's always nice to have good neighbors - just make sure they aren't the gossiping kind! my fiance lives in a small community where everyone knows everything about everything. it can be a bit trying sometimes. they are nice people, we just don't tell them too much - that's the key!


hmmm. yes. not telling them too much sounds smart!
on one hand i love knowing it is a nice community but i do not want them in our space either!! hopefully when we move in officially they will back off some-
the other day the grandpa came into our yard and weeded- a bit too much!!
oh well, better than a crack house next door.


Mlle Tania, what extraordinary, exciting times to be partaking in! I know how hectic moving was for us, and we did hardly a wit of DIY upon moving in. Doing deconstruction and dreambuilding is fun, tiring, but oh-so-rewarding. Yay for that! Yay!!


It sounds so exciting! I mean, having builders and electricians in is agony, but afterwards... And having a garden. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!

roxanne reynolds

that's more than just a little doily ;-) see the little beads on the edge? the doily was designed to drape over the top of something, like a glass, and the beads weight it down. they were used to keep flies off.



sharon b

Roxanne is right - it's a milk jug doily - think guests to afternoon tea under a shady tree or on a verandah served from a teapot, fine china accompanied with special cakes and warm conversation


ooh sharon, that sounds just lovely!

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