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July 19, 2006



i go to a used plate store every time i go to stockholm and they always have this pattern and a bunch of other stig patterns. this is one of my faves too, and one of the more expensive ones.

lisa s

oh oh cute cute!


thanks for the breakfast idea.
I am a big fan of the egg cup.


ooh I am jealous kerstin!


so gorgeous!!! he's so cosy and warm in his little nest of leaves! You never know what you might find thrifting, I found a few leafy plates on my travels!!! Check out this site for more cute leaf plates ...


I love lindbergs desings too, and he was from the town where I live. I see these in thrift stores in sweden from time to time, but they are a bit to pricy for me. :-)

take care Tania.


I once got a Berså, the leaf pattern, plate for free at a thrift store. And last weekend my boyfriend and I found four "Rosenfält" plates for 20 sek (about 2-3$). But they usually are very expensive. Oh, as soon as it cools down here and I can stand staying indoors and take photos I will post all on my blog.


You may get lucky at a thrift store in Toronto - I once found a dress made with Marimekko fabric at Sunshine Deli, on Dundas. Keep looking - those are beautiful dishes! I wonder if there might be a Swedish-Canadian association that might host a rummage sale at some point?









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