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July 07, 2006



Oh, dastardly sympatico! It took me two weeks last time I moved in Toronto too. In the end it had something to do with how ancient the phone lines in our house were. We were using Mac too, which Sympatico doesn't acknowledge as existing.

Glad to hear you're starting to feel at home. We move tomorrow. I'm so excited/stressed.

lisa s

glad you are safely in your new home... looking forward to pics and catching up soon!


Happy to hear you are all moved into your new home. Love your braids!


glad to see the move went well!


Sympatico got a loooong and serious letter from me last week. I think that woke them up and they replied right away and promised AGAIN to resolve all of the issues. It's only taken them over 6 months to do what they told me they would do when I signed up. BOO to Sympatico. Ooo....little vent there. I'm just saying, I hear ya sister! Keep on puttering girL! ps - just a little advice - make all of your communication with via email -rather than phone calls. Then you have records, should you need them.


Uh oh...I just switched from Rogers to Sympatico because I couldn't take the incompetance anymore. So far so good...but I don't think I have the patience to deal with more internet problems.

I hope yours ger resolved quickly!


Sympatico stinks!! I switched to Rogers when we moved and it's been great!!


Welcome back to Blog Land, Tania!!!!
You were missed!
I am looking forward to this revving of your crafting engine...a new space and place is excellent for inspiration.
oh the cuteness to come!!!!


ps, sympatico/bell lost me as a customer a while back...
Terrible terrible service
Always made me an angry person.


so glad to have met you! yay!


welcome back! i don't think i've ever seen a picture of your face on here. fun to finally think of you (with your face) when reading your words and admiring your drawings. ;-)


too many dumplings? never!!!

sorry sympatico is giving you the run-around. i can't decide which is the lesser of the two evils: bell or rogers. i hope things get resolved for you soon. we all miss you around here.


:) thanks everyone!!
ohhh yes- which huge corp to go with... blah!
rogers better be better!


Moving = not fun. Having your own place, though: priceless! Congrats on being all settled in! : )


cute balls!

lisa r

Hi Tania,

I spent some time on your flickr pages. I love them all. It is amazing to see so many great images in one place. I especially liked the little chicks in the snow.

You'll be happy to know i have 3 chicks stuck to the top of my computer screen. It makes me think of you.

See you next weekend! Your brother just left for the airport to go to california. did you know he is judging a design competition?

take care. Hi Paul!!! Can't wait to see your new home

Tanya Nichols

Looking forward to seeing your work again..have missed seeing them...your work always inspires...

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