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August 08, 2006


Lisa Kilinc

cute cup! what a great find.


Drawn and Quarterly will release the first volume of Moomin comics in September. I got a Moomin poster at the Comic Convention in July.


oooh,you got to drive a minicooper!? oh i'm so jealous! i'm not much of a "car person" but i am quite smitten with "the coop"! nice scores at the v.v. in guelph! when i lived there, it was often quite picked over because of all the university students but you must have gotten lucky because they're away for the summer! i'm in love with that mug! soooo adorable!


love that candleholder!


ooh grace- i had no idea! can't wait for the comic!


nice lid kid :)

sorry about the melancholy moment. blah blah is right. getting used to a new, sadder, family dynamic sucks it.

and that candle holder is awesome!


i love that cup! it is so funny that ontario does call the bc long weekend the very polite "civic holiday". in bc it's known as "bc day" which is kind of boring. i do like the term civic holiday...a holiday for everyone! hee.

Tanya Nichols

Its the hedgehog on the cup that i love....he is the most adorable thing I have seen all day other than your zodiac children...maybe add them to your coloring book if you have a chance or suggest to the the magazine they put an insert of your coloring page inside the magazine...LOL my PR skills at their finest........
(i suggest that because Im in the dr's office alot with 5 children and magazines are my awesome to treat not just me but my wee-ones as well)
much love as you get to meet your besty chum from childhood....Tanya


Tania, I love this picture of you and the red mini... so cute! :)


Tania, i love that you got a mini cooper from autoshare to go to Aberfoyle. Aberfoyle rocks! And great idea to check out the local VV!

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