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August 11, 2006


Joanie Wolkoff

Tania, you're a top notch noodle soup collaborator, illustrator, archive guardian and cyclist. You can stand such ear bending, no less! When I ran into you at Active Surplus, though, that REALLY took the cake. How can life be architected so seamlessly! Tania! Surplus! Tiny little flashlights and corks and medallions of glass in rows upon rows of carboard boxes! It was like being transported back to the ROM's Discovery Room where they used to keep all those taxidermied birds on wooden stakes in shallow drawers on smooth runners. It was like breathing life into 'Fwump,' the giant metal bolt we found on the street and fashioned clothing for, once again. You have no idea how great a creative force you were in my formative years (they're all formative, though, aren't they) and how great a delight and inspiration it is to have met you again now that I'm almost grown up!















Rob S

I have an original JW - its a penguin avec pain du boulanger....

(I think its a self potrait, now I love penguins too, but JWs a nicer speciwoman.

anyways, so pleased to see you are arting it. Lv, rob

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