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August 29, 2006



you could open your back garden as a nature reserve - the huge rat like thing gave me the creeps just reading about it though!


Opossums are surprisingly huge! I saw my first real-life opossum outside my freshman dorm at UW-Madison, and it scared the crap out of me. From my childhood picture books I had always envisioned opposums as tiny and darling. What an awful surprise!

I actually saw a baby possum in the bushes of the courtyard of my apt. building here in Chicago last year. I live about 2 blocks from Wrigley Field (i.e. a VERY urban area), so it was once again quite out of the ordinary.


Urban marsupials! Oh my! I'm pleased to say that here in Calgary I'm free of my T.O. enemies -- racoons and rats. Our only urban buddy out here (other than omnipresent squirrels) is a neighbourhood rabbit. And who doesn't love bunnies?


possums get a bad rap because they're sorta funny looking. i had one as a pet for about a year when i was in high school. its mama had been killed and i raised it from just a wee thing. we have possums of varying size moseying around in our backyard on a regular basis -and we live in the city as well. possums are good scavengers and cleaneruppers. they eat bugs and windfall fruit and the like. in fact, when we have fruit or veg that has gone pongo, we toss it out in the yard for them to eat. they will NOT scrounge in your trashcans like those noisy raccoons. (can you tell i just LOVE them?)


oh neat! thanks for that useful possum info- its nice to hear they arenot scary or mean at all-


I have a big dislike for possum, purely because of the way they look, I just can't get past it! We currently have families of raccoons using our back yard at night for their get togethers. I'm amazed at how close these creatures are willing to be to us.


We used to leave our doors open on hot nights, and one memorable july night we were rousted by the screaming of a daughter--who had awakened with a possum on her chest! Another daughter has been trapped in her car several times because the raccoons (HUGE well-fed ones!) were sitting on the lawn watching her. At least, the coyotes haven't made it down this far. Yet.







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