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October 24, 2006



Is that a onsie in the background? or undies??? :D

lisa s

they look so cute all lined up! like they have marching orders!


hee! it is a onesie! i bought it for a friend but it was tioo cute to give away-


is your workspace working out well - having just read about where you worked before you moved in the C Companion - worried now that you havn't got such a luxurious space?

Tanya Nichols

Love them...maybe a B complex vitamin would perk ya up...(dont you love unsolicited advice heheh) I do love when you are productive so maybe spike that tea with a Monster energy drink hehehe, and I won't covet your workspace...Love you have ROOM to wiggle!


yes katie, the space is actually pretty good at the new home!
its a good thing.
and a b vitamin... that may be a good idea! zzzzzzzzz


you know Tania the first time I felt like I was sleeping in a turned out I was pregnant with my first child :0 !!!!!! your pin cushions :)

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