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October 23, 2006



I think this link will help:


I also found this description of a different way of doing it:

Increase this one stitch to three stitches by doing the following: knit one leaving the old stitch on the needle, yarn over, knit into the back of the old stitch. When you complete that stitch, you will have three stitches.

I'd try both ways and see which one you like. The first link I posted was a way to make the three stitches in relation to doing a cable, so it may not look like how you want it.


The heart is made from top to bottom (you can tell because the cast-on has only 9 sts, which you can see in the photo), so the k3 is a k3tog, to make that nice, sharp mitre.


hmmmmm- very interesting!!
thankyou both very much!


um, i might be saying what others said above, but i'm not really good at understanding other peoples' descriptions so i'll just say: knit into that stitch, then knit into the back of it, and then knit into the front of it again is how i would do it! hopefully this makes sense!

halle blanchon

knitting seems so much fun but yet so confusing my sister has tried to help me but it has been no good HELP ME PLEASE!

halle blanchon

i really need help knitting if you have any tips please email them to me at [email protected] my sister has gotten so impatient with me cuz it is just so confusing i really want to knit but don't know how please help me!

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