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November 20, 2006



how amazingly clever is that! both the cards and the silk screen - so don't worry about the cake - hey - we can't all be great at everything! I can't even follow your simple idiot proof instructions to get flickr on my side bar - I give up!
How do you silk screen images like that???

Débora Figueiredo

Your christmas cards are lovely, they look so warmy :)
I can´t resist your spring tote (beautiful illustration), so I just order one for me.


:D!! thank you debora!
and katie, it is pretty easy! you need an acetate and then a silkscreen and then you have to expose it after coating it.. ugh- well maybe to l,ong to explain-


wicked silk screen, nice cards too.
Why don't I know how to do that silkcreening yet?
I know it not difficult, but I get confused with the positive and negative and the exposing. Maybe it would the one too many things to know and throw me over the crafting edge. I shall just admire yours for now.


the doggie card is adorable! they all are but i love the doggie the best.

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