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November 06, 2006



that is a very pretty bowl and i think you are totally justified in spending the bucks. pyrex lasts forever. i'm jealous.

as for your saturday morning, it sounds heavenly. jealous again :)


Congrats on the mention in the paper, your stuff is lovely. Also, i'm jealous of your Saturday and the great pyrex bowl!


Sweetest card ever! And what a sweet surprise that must have been.


thanks, you guys!


Even with the cat barf it sounds like a fabulous Saturday! You deserve a billion more jsut like it! Hugs!


Ok, so I guess you DID see it! :) I kept our copy out of the recycling bin just in case. :D

Where did you go for dim sum? Downtown? I'm usually not a fan of the Chinese restos downtown since I'm spoiled by the really good ones in Chinese suburbia (that allow me to eat with my Chinese suburban fam hehe); but I will need to be in the know when I move downtown next year. :D


weekends are heaven are they not - a little oasis at the end of every week - sounds like you made the most of yours - and a lovely illustration - as ever!


aw thanks!


That's too cool to see your work in the newspaper! In colour, too!


Your little holiday elves are so cute! :)


How did I miss this post???
Congrats on your card in the newspaper, swish!
and that it is a fundraiser too?! You just know how to make art that means something and gets places. Way to you, you! oh, and I now going to have dreams of dim sum and have to come and visit soon....sigh...


what value village do you go to in toronto?

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