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November 22, 2006



Sometimes it feels like all blogs should only post scrapbooks or sketchbooks all the time. My favourite things.


I have a scrapbook that was my Grandmother's when she was sixteen.
I have one I started a few years ago however I got side tracked by life and had to put it aside. I was thinking about it the other day as I have missed pasting my bits and pieces in the book, it was like creating my own personal magazine.


Scrapbooks are the best! What better way to concentrate all of your inspirations! They're a record of your life in a way, you know?


:) yes they really are-


After looking through all your scrapbook pages you have made me to want to get back in the habit again. I first started pasting and sketching ideas in a sketchbook back when I was in school... My teacher called them our design morgues. I enjoy looking back on them now, and noticing reoccuring themes and such.


your scrapbook pages inspired me to jump into it again after not doing it since i was in high school. i had to put it aside during oct/nov but i think now that i have some extra time i might pick it up again. i'll have to post some of my pages too.


you inspire me everyday! =)))

I think i'm going to start a journal like this ones... to collect all my scraps ;)

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