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November 17, 2006



Söt is so excited by the white squirrels!! Who knew?!?


happy birthday from Northumberland! and next year Paul - you'll get a pair of hand knitted socks!


I made friends with a squirrel last summer at the Pinery. We named him Howard. He wasn't quite as exotic as your white haired friend. He was just a black squirrel. If you are what you eat, Howard was nuts. Happy Birthday to Paul.


I remember hearing (on CBCradio) that these squirrels aren't actual albinos, but a tribe(?) that have a mutated gene or something. Somewhat like BC's Spirit bears. I can't remember the name of the personality who did the story, except that it was Jane, who did the workology series a few years ago.


ok, those albino squirrels are got some great photos of them.
I like the new side bar listing your craft shows...I will be coming to TO then, so I can come visit you like you have visited me at many a craft show.

lisa s

<3 the albino squirrels!! xo

happy birthday to mr. paul!!!


ha! thanks everyone! oh that makes sense jane would have done that story- she lives near the parkl and i have seen her seeing the white squirrel-


Love Whitey! and the book looks great. I need to get my hands on one of them.


I love the whitey photos especially the tails of other squirrels in the background and foreground. Good job Paul!


It was so cool to meet you in person. Glad to know that I could help out the pukey kitties! Again happy that our paths crossed in such a big city.


happy belated birthday, paul! hope it was a great one... :)

i'm LOVING my crafter's companion, btw. such talented people involved (including yourself, ms. h!)

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