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December 06, 2006


alma de la rosa

When in doubt, always choose mental health. Rush jobs that make you grumble under your breath and regret doing what you are doing, while you are doing it, are not worth doing. And you always regret the time lost doing it.


You know, I've been turning down stuff lately too, because I know that with Christmas and stuff, I would go totally insane if I piled the work on. But, in some ways, it's worth the lost money to have a good holiday -- for me at least. Of course, if nothing is coming in in January I'll start to freak out, but for now I think I (and you) have made the right decision.

Happy holidays!!


ah- yes- i really appreciate your advice!
i think you are both right- i feel better already!


I know it's tough to turn down work, but you won't regret it, once your family arrives. And how lucky to have a knitting neighbour!


Preserving mental health was the right decision!


:) thank-you!
how lucky we are to have this community to offer support on tough decisions!
so appreciated!

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