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December 07, 2006



70 Diaries???
Wow, that's amazing. I have diaries since grade 4 too...over 20 years of record keeping...what was with grade 4 and journaling? That is brave of you to set up a shelf and put them all out for your observation. I always wonder what will happen to these precious books in my lifetime, or there after. But isn't is nice to have such a well documented life?
and 14,000 things to be happy about is a fav of mine too.
No wonder we get along:)
Have a great weekend T!

Dina Maria Karonzoupouplos

Hi I am here all too know this years i would for all

jenny vorwaller

yes, 70! that is so wonderful. must find that happy book, sounds like so much fun. and *giggles* santa knows you well! :)

happy holidays tania!


As my friend Beth said, it is the season of giving to me.


Those look like so much fun! I just love to find great books. :)


I visited a very interesting site, they have a vast collection of books which have been categories and are presented to viewers in an easy-to-search format. You should check it out.

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