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January 25, 2007


A Twitter User

hahaha, that is funny.
I like how the mischievious gremlin seems to be blaming the cat. Trouble!


I love it! I love the gremlin's little horns and the cat who will be blamed, although I suspect he joined in the mess-making. We have an electronic gremlin in our house who, in just two days, killed our Roomba and the hard drive on our DVR. I don't think our electronic gremlin is as cute as yours though. I'd much rather have the spilled cereal and milk...and a working Roomba to pick up the cereal.


cute! have you ever read the Roald Dahl "gremlins" book? disney were trying to make a film about the gremlins and he wrote it for them. it's cute, they eat used postal stamps. they never made the movies, but they released the story in a book recently.


That is just awesome! Your gremlin looks too innocent to be blamed, and the poor cat seems to know nothing of the mess. Your drawings are fantastic, and I'm a regular reader over at Bloglines. It was de-lurking week sometime ago, and I'm late in popping by to say hi! :)

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