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February 05, 2007



I loved Richard Scarry books as a kid too, and I'm sure my mom used them to teach us how to read. My little Christmas present to myself last year was a set of Richard Scarry magnets from eclecticselections on Etsy. I love looking at the cute little pictures whenever I go to open the fridge.


oh neat!
those magents sound cute- will have to check them out!

Débora Figueiredo

Wow! I don´t have that one, but it´s beautiful!
I love his books and now my little sun read them with me and loves them too :)
Congratulations for the new blog look :)


i LOVE richard scarry too! i love how he has the main "story" in the illustration, and then there are those other things happening in the background. LOVE it...

lisa s

oh tania - i had SUCH a thing for richard scary when i was a kid.... [love the new look]


oooh! a new look! I love it - though i was stuck for a minute when I thought i had come to read tania and it looked like this! isn't it funny how we get habituated to things as we know them! Good to have a change and the heart is there because you are all heart tania, which is why i keep coming back and back and back to read how your world is!
richard scarry was an obvious influence! I love the way you express yourself with words and pictures.
be happy!


Yes, yes. Me too. My mom even sewed me up a Lowly Worm doll when I was little. I love him.

Katie (


i love those apples. i really truly do.


yay! he is a crowd pleaser- for sure!


Kids books are so nice. I always liked the Lowly Worm in his little hat!


I had a Lowly worm doll that my mom sewed for mee too!
I loved it so much.
I am desperate for the pattern to sew one for my kids! Has anyone seen or know where to find one?

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