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February 06, 2007



Oh, I *looooved* these when I was a kid, especially the Geranium. Anything fussy and girly, that was for me. Though, I also loved those Richard Scarry drawings of food and household items -- long live Huckle Cat!


What beautiful books! They really are treasures and perfect for both children and adults with the lovely illustrations.

I'm also a fan of Richard Scarry, whose books occupied many pleasant hours when my children were small.


I love the story about the fairyinspired teenage fashion show!! We're so lucky to have grown up in Richard Scarry's heyday.


thanks- they are really sweet books-

Kristina Karkov Therkildsen

I love these. My Grandma used to have them, when I was a child and I would go through them over and over. A few years back (and probably still), they were the "craze" around as little figurines. So so cute. I tried to find my Grandma's favorite for her - Lily of the Valley - but they didn't make that exact figure. Bummer. My Grandma has since past away and I don't know where the books went, but I think my sister might have them....must find out ;o)

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