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March 12, 2007



wow, I LOVE this bag...


that little button is so darling! the rosy cheeks make me smile!
i am sooooo totally impressed with your new bag! i can't decide if i'm more awed by how cute it is or by how freaking resourceful you were in using 3 v.v. purchases to make it!!! i chuckled out loud when you said the strap was the belt from that jacket! you said you'd find a use for that belt, didn't you? what a perfect fit! :)

tash at poppyseeds

Ohmygilovethatbag! The design in that fabric is just too much. i think i will just go and swoon now, or maybe have a chocolate chip cookie!


I love the purse and that material is awesome. I wish that there was some thrift/antiques stores around me so that I could score a deal like that.

Miss Dot

SUPER cute! I love the by line on your site, you are the first on my bloglines list and everytime I sit down with the laptop I see that and rush off to make a cup of tea! :-)


definitely cute. the button, i mean.
cute bag too, actually.

and yummy looking cookies :)


Love what you did to the bag. So cute. Would love to share those cookies with you. And the button is adorable. What are you plans with those?


oh thank you!
so very nice to hear!
the buttons I may make more to sell
- who knows!

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