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March 23, 2007



What a great story Tania. Your buttons must be travelling the world spreading good cheer!


Maybe it just goes to show that when you're feeling down, soon after some news comes along to give you purpose again! Yay for your lovely creations.


number one.
is that second book
on childrens rooms?
how cool is that?
how jealous am i?

number two,
that is too funny about the
annapolis valley thing...
even funnier to me
because i am about a stone's throw
(ok...well...if you have a really
good pitching arm)
from annapolis valley...


WOW Tania, how cool is that? I *love* to hear about these kinds of fascinating to me :D
Neat-o bambito :D


what a wonderful email!


it's a small world. i just got the Crafter's Companion in the mail from and thought how many of the people in it I feel I know. I know your styles and names and a lot about you, and then I noticed a postcard that I made here in Sweden in collage on a buletin board, yours Tania!

What a small world it has become.


Wow! What a great email! I was thinking maybe it was me that lost the pin, but its impossible because when I was in N.Scotia, I was on the east side, not in the valley, and plus, I never had one of those waterdroplet buttons...I guess I'm not the culprit. All of this also indicates that it is marketing-savvy-smart of you to put your URL on your items! Who knows where they will end up!


that's a crazy button story! How nice for that person to e-mail you and let you know! Random!


Oh dear, I had been holding out from going to the bookstore, but those two books look really good. I might not be able to resist.

That is a great quirky story about your button.


Those books look fantastic! Where did you order them from? And i think that the letter you got is just lovely - what a sweet thing to do.


Hi Tania,

Just wondering how you managed to order the 2 Jue de Paume books, I tried contacting them through their website before, as the books look amazing, but they don't have paypal facility or anything for payment?


I love how your badges are travelling the world. It reminds me of letting a balloon fly away with contact details on and then hoping someone will find it. Or a message in a bottle. :-)


Lovely books. I was wondering what the ISBN numbers for them were so I can get them myself. Thanks!


thank you! the books are irresistable- i think i am obsessed.

I have added links to this post now for easy getting !


I love your story about the pins ... Little simmy making his way in the world

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