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March 15, 2007



Oh dear, this is exactly how I became addicted to coffee. I was so obsessed with roll up the rim that I bought them and forced myself to drink them just so I could play. That was about five years ago. Now you don't even want to talk to me if I haven't had a cup in the morning.

The good news is, Tim Horton's didn't really win in my case. Now that we're not in Toronto, the Timmys are fewer and I just make my coffee at home.


You're on a lucky streak! You should buy a lottery ticket :)


I've seen the occasional Tim Horton in the states -- but without the bilingual paper products!


Oh that rocks! Timmy's. Every single time I roll up the rim I just KNOW I'll win. I hardly ever do but that doesn't stop me getting the feeling of "eeeeeeeee!" as I'm rolling. And by the way I bite my rim open. There's no WAY I can get it to just roll. What about you?

Erin S.

Twice in one day, now that's good luck. I'm not a coffee drinker but maybe we could convince Tim Hortons to do something similar on the Tim Bits box. Now that would be dangerous considering I have a Tim Hortons very close by :o).


Winning stuff is wonderful but rare. I have better luck with finding free stuff. Michigan has Tim Horton's near the border, but I do not think it has spread across America.


never thought of your pics as 'shouty' tania - just nice and BIG! I think I may be missing the pink - as I am a big fan of all things pink. but the white is nice and clean and easy on the eye - never could work out why people have black blogs.
watch out for the coffee-rim-scam they are trying to create a 10 cups a day customer out of you!


hee hee!
well, thats interesting that there are some in the staes! and yes, the bilingual writing does make it special- i love that!
-and coleen I do have to bite the rim too! its so tight I can't do it with my fingers-
- elizaboothy and katie, you are so right- I sense a scam top make me addicted to coffee for sure!!


oooh, I loved seeing that shot of the Tim Horton's cup - I won a free coffee this week too and I had the sweetest lady at the drive thru today. I wanted a hot chocolate instead of the coffee and she said "you can switch that for any hot drink your little heart desires...what size?" What size? I win a free drink and I get to pick the size? Give me the largest hot chocolate you've got thank you very much. Small things make me happy. And doesn't everyone bite the rim???

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