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March 01, 2007



What a lovely kitchen and view when eating your breakfast! Love it!
It looks so bright, fresh and welcoming.
I also want one of those posters! I'm a Home Ec teacher and have never seen anything so cute! Love your blog by the way!


I love those pick curtains - so cheerful! I hope for the day when I have a place to decorate as sweetly as yours.

P.S. If you have a garden, save the hyacinth bulbs. You can plant them in the spring, and the flowers will come up next year.


Love that poster!!


oh this is great to hear from you all again, those without typekey, and get helpful tips and hints-

Tanya Nichols

Tonia I loooove your kitchen it has CHARACTER!! Id love to stop and have some tea hehe and a good breakfast hehhe
Keep Creating!


I bought a hyacinth too! I get one every year at this time of year. Its so nice because it 'stinks' up the entire room. I kept mine in the bedroom and it made me have sweet dreams....lovely!


How colorful! I'm sure it makes breakfast more enjoyable. And the bag...


I love the breakfast poster so much! I too have curious cupboards -- I can't even explain them, they're so gross. Right now there's a big fight on what to do with them -- I'm resisting the purchase of an Ikea kitchen with every fibre of my being.

Sarah Jane

Oh goody! I tried leaving a comment awhile back but I was having trouble with typekey for some reason...Love the poster! Love your new banner! Am I seeing things or are those miniature milk bottles next to the hyacinth??


I like that bright view of your kitchen. I remember buying potted bulbs in Toronto in the winter and spring. Oh Toronto.


Lovely hyacinth and curtains! Lovely everything, really (well maybe apart from the curious tiles :). You should really plant them out. The good thing about having a garden is that you can plant all the bulbs and they come up every year. Free flowers!

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