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March 08, 2007



hope you feeling better! ;)



Thanks so for the new desktop was getting boring. I love the smiles...pure happiness.

Feel better soon


Oh - I love this doodle. Being a crazy cat lady with four felines, I just adore this drawing! And I could watch Northern Exposure over and over and never tire of it. Get better!


Hello there! Looks like it's a Winnie the Pooh day. Nothing like watching some Hayao Miyasaki animes like Spirited Away or Howl and especially Kiki's Delivery Service. Only watch pbs, discovery channel, weather channel, home and garden channel, food channel and perhaps a good author interview. Imagine kindness.


Just a doodle??? Well its brilliant!
Hope you fel better soon :)
Too much TV will make anyone feel ill :)

Miss Dot

you are cute when you are sick! :-) I agree about the TV thing. We have just had the first season of Men In Trees with Anne Heche? have you had that? reminds me of Northern Exp which I loved and hadn't thought of getting it on DVD... hmm, where is my credit card?
Get well soon girly! tried Apple Cider Vinegar? just sip it, breaks up the mucus. CHARMING


I found your blog at Maçãs d'Amor blog. And I just love your work!


Cute cats! I'm a fan of CSI and Monk; not enough mystery in my life, I guess!


i think it is a very cute doodle indeed.
and you are too right about
the state of tv today...
every thing is so urgent
and scary and immediate...
what happened to tv being relaxing?

which probably explains
why right now
my list of must-see-tv
only includes
the upside down show
and fosters home for imaginary
friends (both for the pre-school set)
peppered with grey's anatomy,
of course.


cute doodle!

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