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March 16, 2007



Adorable! And I love the story about the found flowers--what a wonderful memory.

Mary Anne

How cute. =)

krissy're so cute!!! look at that little smile. hee hee


Oh my goodness you are adorable! I can see why you loved that dress too.

Tania Ho

oh, you are so cute in this photo. And I love that red dress - have a good weekend :)


Oh my!
Could you get any $#[email protected]*&? cuter?
Love the scuffed mary janes :)

Erin S.

Yay Tania, I am so glad you followed suit. You were so cute. I love your dress and the bow in your hair. I swear I had those same shoes in rusty brown! Alright I am going to my Mum's this weekend to dig up some more photo's of my favourite dresses. One in particular, lime green polyester with the alphabet around the waist! :o)

kim Kutner

what a cutie pie!


oh so adorable,
both the picture,
the dress
and the memory

Sarah jane

Very Sweet! Love the way you are clutching on to your flower - and the flowers in your hair!

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