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March 13, 2007



We have a lot of strays too.

Our SPCA has a program where they provide you with a trap to catch the stray cat. Once you do you bring it back to the SPCA and they fix them and give them their shots and treat any ailments they might have. Then they notch the stray's ear so that you know they have been fixed. Then they give the stray back for you to release.

Maybe the animal adoption center near you has a program like this.


that is the cutest picture of your kitties. it's like they're being taunted by that cat. poor little girl & boy...


My cats can relate to this picture! Too funny. I like to tell myself they've made friends wit the outdoor cats, who come up to the door and look at my guys through the window. Too funny!


hee hee!


how cute! the cats running around the complex used to sit on our porch and stare at suki for a while, but they're so snooty i think they decided she wasn't interesting enouhg (bah! what do they know...).
cute photo!


So funny, look at those sweet cats all tense about the outside-cat-people!

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