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March 30, 2007



Love the birdy t...very sweet.

And I'd love to see push pins with your designs. =)

Erin S.

I love the first top. So cute with the birds on it. Pretty funky wallpaper. I actually really like the fishing one. It might have been cute on the wall - you never know! Have a great weekend.

lisa s

oh! so much eye candy goodness!!


Please, do tell where the birdy shirt is from.....'must have' is an understatement.


awww! i love the birdy shirt! i wish i found it here somewhere... i also shop by pattern, like a silly person. i look for an interesting color or pattern and only then pull it out of the rack.


Hey Tania
Love the first t-shirt. I thought it was your design

I was surprised to see colour spelled in the American way :) color ...

Hope you are well. We miss you.


I thought that first one was your design too :)

...A., on dialup from the Copenhagen outback...

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