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March 14, 2007



it's very cute already! i can't wait to see the final squirrel. :)


He's going to be a cutie! I have that Woman's Day book and the squirrel pattern is on my to-do list.


I had the same book (still have it) that your mother had when you were a child and I, too, loved to look through it. I would make many attempts to create the dolls inside, but my mom didn't sew and I had nobody to help me along. So funny how it foreshadowed what I do now.

Erin S.

It's perfect Tania. The creamer looks cute next to it. BTW...somehow I was getting all kinds of spam emails and also someone got ahold of my email address and was sending emails on my behalf. I ended up changing my email address and now I don't post my email address on my blog! It seems to be far!


i just picked up the same book, and have a half-finished orange and blue squirrel in the works - will have to take a pic! looking forward to seeing more of yours


I love that squirrel. Red cord makes it so adorable!

Re the comment spam, every time I have deleted spam comments, I have also blocked that IP address. If you're getting tons and tons from the same person, blocking an IP address might help you.

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