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March 22, 2007



Can I have a brownie??? That picture is torture. And I love that cup. Buck up it's Spring!! Love your blog!


What brand of cocoa? I've been looking for a better brownie recipe.

I know how you feel. Sometimes I wander around looking at all my crafty stuff, and I don't want to touch any of it. A bit of inspiration usually does the trick. A sunny day, an idea from a friend, or something pretty or cute I see on flickr. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration soon :)


Perhaps it's the time of year - feeling rather aimless myself. Your brownies look perky though!


I with you on this...its this time of year that is a real slog...not quite spring, not quite winter, do you put the coat away or not? grey dreary day after grey greary day...oh woe...Piles of buttons sounds nice, and so does vietnamese food. Yes, go an have a nice bowl of pho and I'm sure you'll be feeling downright chipper :) all will be better soon :)


aw- thanks, you ladies for the nice comments! i am feeling better already with a bit of coffee and flickr surfing- oh and ofcourse, more brownies.


brownies always make me cheery. don't worry about the mood, everything has its time to run and you'll perk up before you know it! easy for me to say as i start two weeks holiday, (sorry) but i get the glums often too. take care and eat nice food.......


Those brownies are making my mouth water. Yum! :)

Erin S.

Okay let me psychoanalyze a bit here :o). It's quite common to feel a bit low at the end of winter/beginning of spring. I remember that from my psychology courses. Now if I could only remember why???? Not too worry. I am sure spring is just around the corner to cheer you up and give you some inspiration. BTW...Those brownies look yummy!

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