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March 02, 2007



Wow what a great thing to release from your life - worry! After a TON of worrying and crying this morning, this really helped me put things in perspective. :)


oh I am glad- hang in there!
i want to try and learn to slow that worrying urge- hard!!


We just bought a house too, I've been looking forward to telling you :) I'm riddled with worries too, particularly about the water thing, because the insurance doesn't cover it (none of them do! How do people live with this?). Not a problem to find new worries here either. We'll just have to live with it I suppose...


We're enjoying a big dumping of snow here in Montreal today... I always forget about these march snowfalls!!

I've jotted down that quote, because worrying is one thing I am really good at! ;)


Not to profit from you pain, but I found your list of worries very entertaining!
Cool city photo too.


Oh dear, wait until you decide to have children. As a chronic worryer (my biggest one is leaving on the coffee pot and burning down the house) I can't believe I got through my pregnancy and now that Ruby can walk I'm constantly envisioning her getting mysteriously strangled by drape cords or falling down stairs (the latter of which actually has happened). My husband calls me "Mother Goose."

Good luck with all that snow!


I love that last quote about worrying. I too am quite a worrier and need to remember to let go. It is hard though! :)


You make me laugh.... I'm a worrier to but usually about work stuff. It is rather funny that we all put so much energy in to stuff that we can not control.

What a picture. No snow here in fact beautiful sunny day - finally!

lisa s

tania - you are just so cute - even when you worry! :)


I like your work. I invite you to know mine.


:) thankyou all for these good things to think about- glad we all worry!!

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