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April 30, 2007



i like that there's a "big book of jokes" on the floor. i used to carry one around with me in elementary school during recess :) what does it say on the wall of the house?


sounds like a perfect weekend! paul & i went to the m.a.d.e. show too...wasn't it fun? many of the vendors there were new to me. we both fell in love with the ceramic deer heads!

ps. whenever you speak of writing a letter i always feel so inspired to do one myself. i must put that on a to-do list!


My birthday is on a Saturday in May too, but I might be moving that day :( It's to a lovely little town on the west end of Montreal island, though, so I don't mind.

Also want to say I love reading your blog. It's always the first one I pick from my list.


:) its great you noticed the "big book of jokes"! that was apopular one at my school.

thank you barbara and krissy!

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