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April 26, 2007



I really, really love your artwork. So very much.

And, thanks for turning me on to boygirlparty. Great stuff.

little special

those illustrations are beautiful!

thanks for another great link! xx

Erin S.

You are so talented Tania. I wish I could draw, but stick people are all I can manage! I checked out your new pendant, what a hoot - hee hee. Love it!


what a great necklace! it's good to treat yourself sometimes.

Robin Viebrock

Hey, great stuff, your drawings are really cool.


Just curious if you lived on Royal York and your parents drove a yellow Volvo station wagon. I went to school with you and we were good friends. I remember your dog tilley and kraft dinner for some reason.

I sent you an email to your store address. I am no longer in Toronto, my wife and I just moved to outside Ottawa in Almonte (very crafty place). I do visit toronto often to see my parents and brother.

I searched your blog and saw you like the pyrex / fire king designs. My wife and I collect that stuff as well as fiesta ware.

anyway, send me an email if you like. I would be interested in talking to you again.

I probably even have pictures of us as kids.

Thanks, and once again, you do create excellent stuff.

Robin Viebrock


hey robin! thats so cool- ofcourse i remeber you! I will email you now!


Hey Tania
It has been a while since I have had time to tuck in to your blog. I just had some time this early saturday to check it and flickr out - yeah!!

We have a little b-day pres for you that we bought at Grenwich a few weeks back but your bro needs to send it to you....

Also, we THINK we have bought a house. You need to put it on your places to visit before you die :)

Evelyn Lum

Congratulations!! I LOVE! your artwork.

Beautiful pendant. Just don't show it to my daughter, Pei. She will nag me for one too :( The owl is her sorority's mascot. She MUST have all the owls out there.

Keep up the good work, girl!!


Very nice your blog.
I love it.


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