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April 23, 2007



hi tania, i like seeing you have my stone on your desk...

happy earth day, happy spring to you...sorry to hear about the tree friends have a neighbour who hates her trees and tried to get her to cut them down, (we are talking potencial law suit, if you can believe that!) because they are "messy" and make too much shade...I will never figure the anti-tree people.

three cheers for the trees. i will hug my tree friends today!
p.s. bea loves your pink squirrel!


a CBC paperweight! i love it!


hey you have a "wide world" airplane. that was one of my favorite board games...did you ever play it?

okay seriously back to sewing cards...restless with spring and typing chatter..


I've got the same mentality in my neighbourhood (not too far from yours, I think). A lot of the old trees in people's front yards are being cut down due to rot and nobody wants to replant even though the City provides the tree and the labour to do so. I shudder to think what my street would look like without these majestic beauties.


Love the bear! And sorry about the tree-cutters. Some people just make you wonder.


yeah, i don't get the "lets cut down the trees" mentality either. so sad, isn't it?

i like the little detail photo of your desk. the cbc paperweight is awesome!


I love the peek at your desk! The gerbil/hamster eraser made me laugh, and the "tea break" rock is darling.


a 'so cute' sight!

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