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May 28, 2007



Those are some stylish kiddies!


Oh my, that is the absolute cutest magazine!


Lovely & cute clothes! Wish they came in adult sizes :-)


I love your style.

I just want to know whether it sold in China mainland.

a fans from Beijing


Hi Tania... five minutes ago I didn't know that magazine existed and now I NEED it!!! Any ideas, other than having a friend going to Japan (which sadly I don't!) how i might acquire one? I am new to the whole Japanese craft thing and my only source here in the UK has unfortunately just gone out of business.

Thanks, Holly (transplanted Canadian to UK)
(so if you know somewhere in Canada that I could buy from online that would be useful as I would just send them to my mum)


They are adorable, aren't they? That issue is the spring trend issue.
I've been living in Japan for the past few years, and there are indeed kids who dress this well out there (and not just in Tokyo). I teach English to kids and the 1-5 year old group generally dresses the best thanks to Mom's hefty influence. The under-6 kids routinely comes to class wearing adorable $30-60 shoes, $30-50 T-shirts, and other pricey clothes. Mind you, I work in a pretty wealthy part of town where the mothers sometimes come wearing Chanel and drive fancy cars. It is, however, entirely possible to find really cute, $5 T-shirts here, though.
On a less adorable note, though, Crocs have taken off like mad here in the past 5 months, especially as kids footwear. All have the charms you put in the holes.
Here are some links to some Japanese kids' clothing sites.
Le Poulain seems reasonably cute with affordable prices.
Circus-circus features clothes from various makers. Some great stuff, but most of it quite pricey ($98 sneakers?). Scroll down for adorable, user-submitted pics of their kids.


Dang, those kids dress cooler than I do!


hello. i am a fan of reading your blog from japan.
i am relly surprised with some japanese zakka and handmade magazines have got popular among lots of crafty people abroad!!!!
there are lots of magazines like this in japan and now i always take hours to choose what to buy...not only for kids, there are lots of different magazines like for girls, mothers, family.....endlessly.
the style of photos like the magazine you have is pretty common in japan. some models are from streets and some are the models chosen from readers of the magazine. this style is same in girls fashion magazines or any others. we wanna know how others get dressed and what's going on so we can go and check those items on it at the store...this is pretty much the same everywhere in japan. mostly, bigger cities, though. but there are quite lots of smaller shops in countryside to cring those trend styles from big cities or their own style!
well, parents don't care how far they go shopping for their kids. so naturally, even boys tend to like going shopping for clothing with their moms, even if they are only 5 or 10.
prices of kids' clothes are various. kids' clothing shops are sometimes much cuter than adults'!
well, this is how i see what is going on around in japan from the japanese point of view.


Wow! I would be able to pour over the pages for hours. As I am sure you have been doing. Thanks for sharing! And thanks 'ringo' for your perspective from Japan!


You can buy many Japanese magazines at the Japan Centre in Piccadilly London. That's the biggest Japanese magazine stockist I've been able to find in the country. They also have loads of Japanese books some of which have a craft theme. I expect they could order the magazine for you if they don't have it in stock.

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