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May 01, 2007



what a lovely necklace! nice giftie from your talented friend...


I hope you enjoy knitting the patterns. I put lots of thought into making them adorable, and easy to knit. I have a flickr group for them, if you get any nice pictures when you're done (the group is pretty small still, so I'm trying to recruit people).


there were ramona videos???
Boy I missed out on that foray!
But I read and re-read all the books passionatly!

Erin S.

Lovely necklace. Happy May Birthday. I used to love Beverly Cleary books. Now Danielle reads them. She just finished Beezus and Ramona. Funny I feel so old, I have never heard of the TV series Ramona?


I love the idea of being extra nice to yourself since it's your birthday month.. It's mine this month too! :)


Happy Birthday...

I'm just out blog hopping tonight and found your lovely site. Your necklace is amazing and the fabric of your blouse is wonderful. It's a nice combination. :D

Blessings on your month.


My 6 yr old daughter is reading the Ramona books as her first real-deal, big-girl chapter books right now.

It thrills me to the core to see her reading them.

Love the illustration above AND, finally, you and I share a birthday month. I'm the only person in my family (parents, sis, not my adulthood family) with a birthday NOT in December. May is a good birthday month.


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