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May 14, 2007



a late happy happy birthday! :)
it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend - i can completely relate to the age thing, i was born in 1975 as well - where has all the time gone???
have a great week xxx


happy birthday to you! sweet 32!
great book, i treated myself to it some months ago, perhaps today is the rainy day i will actually read it...

best wishes,


happy belated birthday! that sounds like a lovely weekend, indeed! this year is my 30th and i'm looking forward to it. i hear you on the whole where has the time gone bit.
that teacup in your picture - are the flowers brown on it? it reminds me of the table setting we had when i was a kid.


Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend!


Happy Birthday Tania! Sounds like a perfect weekend. I celebrated my 32nd over the weekend too (although the actual birthday was yesterday) :)


Happy birthday! It sounds like such a lovely weekend. My birthday is in February so it might be connected to that whole new year thing, but I always feel refreshed afterwards, like tearing off the old year and a whole new blank one folding out in front of me. It doesn't last long but it's a great feeling. and seeing your sketchbook reminded me :)

Hope you're having a good week too!


Happy birthday to you! Sounds like a great, fun weekend you had.

P.s. I know what you mean about being 32 ;-)


happy belated birthday tania! by the sounds of it, it was a lovely birthday weekend.

Erin S.

Wow I'm kind of a space cadet. I thought I commented the other day to wish you a happy birthday. Oops...Happy belated Birthday Tania. I hope it was a good one!


Dear Blog Hero,
A very happy birthday to you!
Hope your new age is treating you well. I'm turning 29 tomorrow and it's a very strange feeling. May is definately the best birthday month. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & drawings.


happy birthday, Tania! may kids are great kids. i'm so glad you had a wonderful day. and the moomin comics is fantastic. Ant got it for me a cople of months ago. great guys we have! ; )
happy 32!


I love your pictures very much.

a friend from Chinese.

I want to know whether it sold in China mainland.

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