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May 16, 2007



Oh I love this drawing. The lines are great. I feel all inspired now.


i love it too! the little owl on the branch is too cute.

you should make prints of your sketches and sell them on etsy!

lisa s

i dunno - should you doodle w/ a headache more often :). i'm going to say YES


love it too Tania. Sorry i missed you on the phone the other day. fell asleep :(


sorry you had a headache, but i really love this drawing!
and the library due date stamped date!

hope you are feeling well today. :)

ana lua

Congratulations for your birthday!
I am a super fan from Brazil!
Sorry for the poor english. I am out of practice.


Happy belated Birthday. I'm sorry you had a headache, but this sketch is amazing - what talent you have to draw something so lovely while you have a headache!


Hey lady - a *very* belated happy birthday. i hope you are feeling better and that you have a great (& warm!) long weekend!

ps: i quite enjoy this sketch. especially on a cold, gloomy day like today.


Didn't know it was your birthday - best wishes! I've tagged you again!

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